Jerry’s Roatan!

On our recent 25th Wedding Anniversary cruise, my favorite port stop was Roatan! 

I had researched several months prior for the perfect excursion. I wanted to have one catered to my habit – my photography habit. After hours (and hours and hours) of  reading, digging, reviewing, etc., I became quite confident in one thing…the tour company.

Victor Bodden Tours scored high rankings on every site I found. Every review was superb and there was nothing negative about this company that I could find…anywhere. I contacted the company and received a reply from Victor. I had requested one of three different guides I had read rave reviews on and he assigned one of them to us.

This tour was a private tour – just the four of us from our party and we could go anywhere we wanted for as long as we wanted. I really wanted to see what Roatan was all about. See the people – the locals and their land.

When we arrived at our appointed place at the appointed time, I was informed that our appointed guide would not be available. I admit, I was disappointed. We were introduced to our guide, Jerry, and he led us to our car for the day. Actually truck. It was Victor’s truck.

As we headed out of the port area and into “real” Roatan, Jerry assured us he would take us to the highlights of the island and would satisfy my heart’s desire to give me my photog-habit fix. (He also assured my friend, Kris, that he would take her to satisfy her heart’s desire and give her a shopping fix.) He did not disappoint.

We traveled all over the island. Jerry showed us the schools, the villages, the highlights, the overlooks for views, he even took us to his neighborhood where his beautiful little girl was sitting with his mother-in-law on the front porch. What a treat! Jerry showed us all over his Roatan and made us feel like we were a part of the family.

Jerry turned out to be the very best guide for us! At the end of our day, he even directed us to the most wonderful restaurant where we sat at the water’s edge and had the freshest, most delicious seafood meal and met the owner of the restaurant…Bertie. I’m quite sure Bertie had just come in from fishing for our food. We enjoyed the meal with Jerry as he showed us the proper way to eat the pepper sauce that sat on the table. Yum, my mouth is watering just thinking about it now.

If you are ever in Roatan, I highly recommend Victor Bodden Tours and especially Jerry as your guide.

He will take you all around and show you his Roatan!

Thank you Jerry! We will be back!

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