About Me

Hi! I’m Debbi.

I’m a: wife, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, amateur photographer, minister of God’s Word, author, influencer (in a good way, I hope), a gadget-geek, a pet lover, exerciser, blog-reader, blog poster, purple fanatic (can you tell?), a child of the 70′s (don’t do the math), chef (ha – NOT!), housekeeper, a good listener, and I’m sure there’s more.

I LOVE and thoroughly ENJOY: the Lord and His Word, my family, my friends, my dog Lucy, my pastors and my church family, home, purple, rain, cloudy days, Donny Osmond, blogging, the sound of lawn mowers (yeah, I know that’s odd), gadgets, photography, photo processing, funny movies (and of course good chick-flicks), taking road trips, the mountains, the tropics, PhotoFrenzies, my MacBook pro, cool Fall days, snowy wintry days, the fresh spring air, pretty flowers, windows open, wind chimes, Christmas music, children’s funny faces, snuggles, a comfy bed, accomplishments, Mexican food, anything chocolate, seeing my son asleep on the couch, hearing my hubby’s voice, long talks with my mother (when it’s convenient for me), long email threads with my friends (when it’s convenient), helping and influencing others, serving, teaching, jumping on trampolines, digging for diamonds, camping, getting unexpected texts from my son. (I’m on a roll but had better stop for now.) Basically I love life!

I miss: Gaga, Grandma Valentine, Nana, Aunt Sally, Mamma, Dudley, being a child, my childhood friends, no responsibility (except to clean my room), having my son close by, having my son as a little boy and all that entailed, looking in the mirror and seeing my physical appearance the same age as my heart.

These are just a few things about me, and please, let me add a disclaimer…NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER.

Now you know me. To find out a little more and about this site, check out About Photos and Facets and Bit by the Shutter Bug.

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