Monkey Business in Belize

One week ago today, my wonderful husband and two very special friends and I disembarked from the most fabulous cruise I’ve ever taken. It was fabulous for many reasons, but mainly because of the company and the fact that we were there to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!

We had booked the Grand Suite on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas and all I can say is it was truly a SUITE life experience. It was our first RC experience and we were quite impressed! We had booked a suite in past on another cruise line, and there is just no comparison. At. All.

Our stops were Cozumel (been there several times), Belize and Roatan, Honduras. I admit, Roatan was my absolute fave, however today’s post will take us back to Belize.

Belize is a tender port and therefore we had decided to book our excursion through the cruise line to ensure we made it back onto the ship on time. After tendering to the port, we loaded another boat that cruised up the old Belize River. Along the way we spotted birds, dolphins, manatees (well, their snouts), iguanas, and monkeys.

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys! What an experience to view these creatures in their natural habitats along the river bank without any care of us being observant of them.

After a Belizean lunch, we loaded a bus and headed to the Belize Zoo. It is unlike any other zoo I’ve ever visited. I loved it and the fact that the animals are again in their natural habitat with only a fence separating us from the big cats. Monkeys were in the trees all throughout – not caged, but in the trees.

The monkeys were the highlight of the day for me. As you can tell from my pictures below, it was for certain monkey business in Belize!

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