Bit By the Shutter Bug

I have enjoyed taking pictures all of my life and have many boxes, photo albums and now, hard drives to prove it. But it had always been just quick snapshots of family or events with no artistic purpose. Not until recently has there been an interest in going beyond “snapping pictures” and into the art of photography. It runs in my family…both my mom and dad are WONDERFUL photographers and my grandmother was a semi-pro photographer in her day. I guess you could say that I’m following in their footsteps with this newfound interest. Those are big shoes to fill, but with God’s grace and help, I am taking the steps!

In September of 2009, my dad and mom blessed me with my first DSLR – a Canon Rebel T1i and a couple of lenses. Since that time I’ve had a wonderful time learning and playing with my new toy. I’ve found that I have been bit! Bit by the shutterbug, that is, and I am really enjoying it.
So, as I continue to learn and play, I’ve decided to post my experiences on this site. Be patient with me and if you have any tips, constructive comments, etc. to share, I’m receptive of them.

These are a few of my first shots from the first few months of PhotoFrenzies. My best friend, or my husband and I do our best to go out every couple of weeks to practice.

After receiving my first DSLR, I began to see photography as art. And myself as an artist. Or at least a wanna-be artist. I delved in and began reading everything I could – online, books, etc. I also began shooting everything around me. I have spent much time since that day in 2009 learning, learning, learning and shooting, shooting, shooting. I enjoy the post processing of the photos almost as much as shooting. So let’s add: processing, processing, processing to the above.  I truly enjoy taking a shot and watching it transform. Each photo becomes my impression of art from photography.

I had a few photos published. Early in the year 2011, the city of Mineral Wells selected a number of my photos to be used in their Chamber of Commerce brochure. The big honor came in discovering that my dad also had some photos used in the same brochure! Then just a couple of months later, the decorating company for a new, local McDonald’s restaurant contacted me to request a photo to use on a giant acrylic display in their store. My claim to fame!

Up until just recently I’ve called myself a Hobby Photographer. That was before I found this definition of amateur:

An amateur (French amateur “lover of”, from Old French and ultimately from Latin amatorem nom. amator, “lover”) is generally considered a person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science, without pay and often without formal training.

Although photography is for me a hobby, and one I enjoy very much, I like being referred to as an amateur due to the definition above. I am for certain attached to photography, I have not received pay (or at least very much…yet,) I for sure have no formal training, and above all I am without doubt a lover of photography.

My mission in my art is to “let my light shine in the darkroom of life.” With my obedience to the Lord’s direction and with His help, that is exactly what I plan to do!

What a FUN hobby I’ve been blessed with and what FUN I have sharing it with my family and friends.
Please feel free to frequent my site and stop and take a moment to say “Hello” as I’m always glad to hear from you, my friends!
Let Your Light Shine,

8 thoughts on “Bit By the Shutter Bug

  1. Very nice work. I have been shooting weddings and people for 23 years now and I love to look around at others work. I looked at your site and am impressed at your skill in landscapes etc. I also enjoyed your quotes from Gods word. God bless you.


    1. Thank you! Coming from someone with such a background, I truly appreciate your comment regarding my “hobby”. I LOVE it and am passionate about it. Thank you again!


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