Confession: I’m Guilty

I continued on from where I left off yesterday in the Rachel Hollis audiobook, Girl, Wash Your Face on this morning’s walk. As I began, I immediately found more similarities. Starting with hairy toes. (side note: get and read the book).

Then onto talking about Judgements, all the ways we judge others, what it does and doesn’t do for us to be judges of other women. And that is when it hit – I realized that not only am I guilty of judging others, but that I faced a huge judgement Monday night. I prejudged this book without picking it up.

Oh I judged that it contained great content and it was full of things that not only I believe, but I say to others. However, I also judged that because of that last fact that I did not need to read it. Oh how I was wrong! Not only do I need it for me, I need it for others.

I need to read (or in my case, hear) that I am on the right track, that I’m not all that odd in my thought and feeling processes. I also had something stirred up within me that may be a post in the future – probably a long time from now, but yet to come.

I need to hear this for others. There is so much fabulous and fulfilling content and it’s sparking those ignitions within me to drive even further to those places for other women.

In my confession of being guilty of judgement, I will also say that I have recognized this before. Not only because it’s a descriptive in my enneagram number, but because it’s easy to identify. So identifiable that I already do on a regular basis what she shared she does. See? We ARE twins. That is to police myself. I’m constantly policing myself checking out my motives, my reasons for judgment. That doesn’t make the fact that I can tend to judge any less of a crime, but at least I do recognize it and am already working towards tempering my character in that realm.

To throw in a Debbi statement in the midst of these nuggets, I want to share something I thought of as I was listening this morning. It is the fact that we often not only judge others, we judge ourselves. We judge what we can and can’t do without an attempt. That’s a bad judgement call!

Another funny similarity (at least it was funny to me) is the meeting, dating, period of time and the way things turned around with our husbands. No, my husband-to-be did not treat me like hers treated her in the beginning, but it did take me coming to a place of realizing I had to walk away before he would see what he was about to lose. That’s probably an entire post of its own, but I do not plan to get back into posting daily like I once did. As a matter of fact, let it be known this is probably the last one for quite some time.

There are so many good points in what I heard this morning, so many great one-liners that I’ll encourage you again to get the book and read (or listen to) it. 

I’ll end with one that struck me regarding Perception. (I talk about this quite a bit myself, but I use the word Perspective almost always.)…

“We don’t see things as THEY are, we see things as WE are. Through the lens of what we think, feel, believe. Perception is reality and reality is colored by our past experiences.” RH

In other words, you will only do or go to the point of what you think, feel and believe you can do based on what you’ve thought, felt and believed in past. We have to change our perspective in order to go further! Those are my words.

She also talks in depth about refusing to take “No” for an answer. If “No” is in your way, find another path. I LOVE THAT! 

Last but not least: this was actually earlier on in the today’s chapters, but it is a fitting way to end. She shared…

“You’ve lived through tougher things than this, don’t give up now!”

I’ll end on that note, and remember from yesterday, I do not claim to be Rachel Hollis caliber, I claim to be Debbi Robertson caliber. 



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