My First Year as a REFIT® Instructor


In some ways it feels like yesterday that I received my REFIT® certification instead of a year ago from yesterday. In other ways it feels like I’ve been a REFIT® instructor for decades.

I’ve always heard that if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. Let me tell you, I am not working. I am loving!

Below is a link to the First Year Journal in Photos of my REFIT® Life. There will be a Part Two link at the bottom of the first page you get to. In the case you can’t find it, I will also post it here.

Thank you for caring enough about me to check out my passion. I am for certain a REFIT® Passionista and a #dancingpreacher!


My REFIT® Journey started early in the morning on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. I awoke to hearing these words in my spirit, “Google ‘dance fitness certification.’” Then the words, R…

Source: My REFIT® Journey in Photos (So Far)… | Debbi Robertson


It’s amazing how fast time flies when one is truly having fun and loving what they do. That last statement describes my life perfectly. I just celebrated my first REFITbirthday as a certified…

Source: My REFIT® Journey in Photos (Part Two) | Debbi Robertson

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