Merging Facets

As the name of this blog site implies, I have many facets in my life. When I was forced to rename my blog four years ago (almost to the day) Photos and Facets was determined based on this. (If your curiosity is up as to why I was forced to rename my blog and why it is now a registered trademark,  you can back up a week from the above linked post, but it’s really not important now.)

With the many facets of my life, I’m about to add yet another. For the last month I have been researching, preparing and looking forward to becoming a certified REFIT® instructor. I love dance, always have. I love helping others, always have. I love seeing others live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives and REFIT® is a tool that combines all of those loves into one. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I also love photography. Duh? No, really! Thus, PHOTOS and Facets.

Today a few of my facets collided. A group of my photog-friends and I met downtown Fort Worth at the Sundance Square Plaza. This is the last week of the Wings of the City exhibit and we wanted to catch it before it moved on.

My friends took turns taking photos of each other with the very large wings that framed the courthouse. It was a ton of fun!

DSR_20150828Wings of Ft Worth28-Edit

DSR_20150828Wings of Ft Worth4


Photo Credit: Photography by Brandi Korte

Wearing my new REFIT® tee, my turn came and these photos came from my friend Brandi of Photography by Brandi Korte. 

My friend Lola shooting me.

My friend Lola capturing me.



There’s another one of my facets merged in the photos.

Do you know what it is? 

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