On the Way to Galena – A Moment in Time

I remember this moment. We left Chicago after visiting Son and his girl, on our way to stop in Galena for a short visit and dinner in the quaint, adorable, little town.

After having spent several days in the hustle-bustle of a big city, we found ourselves in wide-open space. It was a little surreal to see so much land in what seemed a very short drive out of the city.

I recall looking out the window and remembering one of my very favorite countryside landscape photos that I shot when riding in the passenger side of the car while Sweet Hubby drove through Missouri several years ago. I immediately decided to pick up my camera and get a few “drive by shootings” to add to my gallery.

When I loaded the photos on my computer, I found this one. And again, I think I’ve found another fave. It’s not perfectly composed with perfect settings, but it brings back a perfect moment in time.

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