Unexpectedly Ran Into John Wayne

…or at least his birthplace.

Sweet Hubby and I recently took a road trip to Chicago to visit our son and to take him some belongings we’ve been storing for a couple of years. After a wonderful long weekend, we headed home.

We decided to take our time and make a planned stop along the way. We made a visit to Galena, Illinois and had a wonderful dinner in the very quaint little town. I’ll be posting about it later, for certain.

The next day we made an unexpected stop. As we cruised southward through the state of Iowa, I looked up in time to see a sign that stated, “The Bridges of Madison County.” Seeing I have a fascination with old covered bridges, we decided to make a detour and head towards Winterset in Madison County.

When we arrived, we quickly discovered that Winterset is also the birthplace of Marion Morrison, also known as the famed John Wayne.

John Wayne was born in this small 4 room house. You never know who you might unexpectedly run into while road tripping. Good thing my trusty Canon was with me so I could shoot this…

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