Keep the Change

Money change is not the subject being referenced in the title of this post.

No, I’m talking about making a change in your health and then maintaining that change.

While logging my snack a moment ago, and putting the grams of the apple into the tracker ( the thought came that some may question why I continue to weigh and log all foods.

After all, it has been over six months of being in Lifestyle Phase a.k.a. maintenance. Some would question and ask, “Why do you continue to track every food you eat to the point of weighing it out and logging such details when you’ve already reached your goal?”

Yes, it’s understandable why some would ask that. However the answer is simply, “Because I do not want to go back to where I was when I first started this new lifestyle!”

You see, it’s been a rollercoaster ride most of my life. Drastic measures would be taken to lose weight and get fit, only to return to the old ways once my goal was met. That is where and how the rollercoaster was developed. Going back to old ways means going back to the old way of being unhealthy and out of shape.

It’s a pattern many (most) who’ve had weight challenges can relate to. You go on a diet, lose weight, get tired of eating the way you did on the diet, go back to the old way of eating (and/or stopping the exercise) and guess what? Pretty soon the weight would be back on, the fitness level dropped and even worse – more weight gained than prior AND poorer health! That is why diets are not good and it is best to create a different lifestyle.

I had someone tell me that I’m “obsessive” about it. They even falsely accused me of doing “manipulative” things to my body. Nope! As a matter of fact, FAR from that! I’m finally doing everything the right and healthy way and as a result, in the best shape ever. I am not obsessed, but I am committed and determined. There is a difference!

The reality is, the rollercoaster road has been traveled many times in the past and I do not plan to ever go down that road again. In order to keep my current fitness level, I must keep the change! That comes from continuing to do the things that were done when losing which includes weighing and measuring foods as well as consistent exercise. For the first time ever my lifestyle has truly been changed into one that is healthy. I feel better today than I did 20 years ago with no plans to change back. The only plan is to continue to feel this good and be in the best health for the rest of my life.

How will this be done? By continuing to do what is right: exercising consistently, eating clean and healthy foods in the right portions.

How do I really KNOW that what is being consumed are the right amounts? By continuing to weigh and track all foods! It is to a point that it no longer requires thinking about it – it is such a part of my life (lifestyle) that it just gets done.

And the result? Well, every pound that was lost has been kept off since mid-October! It has not been an issue and has not been work to do so. The only work that was involved after reaching my goal was getting my body to cease from losing. It took about two months to stabilize even though calories were increased and burning through exercise was reduced. Someone mentioned the reason was that my body had become a “burning machine” and that happens when making a real change. After learning exactly what was needed in order to stay at my desired weight, it has not been a problem. A lifestyle has been created through change!

My husband and I have made changes that are now a part of our life (he, too, has settled into this new lifestyle and has stayed in tip-top health and at his goal-weight for nearly a year). We will never do anything different from what is our current lifestyle.

I encourage you, too, if you need to make some changes in your health and fitness, please do so. And once those changes are made, continue!

Be determined to…

Keep the Change!

2 thoughts on “Keep the Change

  1. Debbi, I am pretty much following what you are doing, and I can agree with you 100% that you really don’t have to work at it like you think you do. I’m eating clean, exercising a little(need to more) but the weight has been coming off simply by not eating the bad stuff, and feeding the body naturally, and I get comments that my face is glowing now. You have definitely been my inspiration, not just now, but even going back to the “No More Weighting” days!! Love you friend!!


    1. Robin – you have NO IDEA how that blesses me! I mean, REALLY blesses me. I’m sooooo happy for you and your lifestyle change and what a wonderful thing it is to be healthy and fit! I’m very proud of you!!!


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