The Little Toot!

The last several days have been cold. Cold for us, anyway. We’ve had below freezing temps, ice and then yesterday we were blessed with a real snowfall. I say, “blessed” because we seldom get snow – ice is quite the norm for us if we get any kind of winter precipitation, so to get snow is what I consider a blessing. I like snow. I do not like ice!

This morning on my way outside to measure and see how much snow we received, Lucy decided she wanted to go, too. Hmm, OK, let’s see how this goes.

Lucy, being the little diva-pup that she is, does not like getting her feet dirty or wet. For that matter, she doesn’t even like to put them on grass and will avoid it if at all possible.

I grabbed my camera. I figured if we were going out and she was going to get in the snow, I might as well take advantage of the moment. And a moment it was!

As soon as I put her down on the ground, she immediately picked up her feet and let me know she had changed her mind. “Um, no. You wanted to come out, you are here, I’m going to get some photos!”

Well, if you’ve followed me any time at all then you know Lucy has been my model, my photographic-experimental-subject, for the last five and a half years. And you also know that she doesn’t like it. She will literally turn away from the camera and refuse to look at me no matter what I say or what I do to try to get her attention. The little toot!

Today was no different!

So it began. I tried to get her to look at me.

She avoided the camera.

She stood there alternating her feet to let me know that she wasn’t happy with the cold stuff on her and began to shiver.

Then I got the look that says, “I’ve had enough!”

I picked her up and took her indoors to dry her feet. I then remembered her little insulated jacket so grabbed it and put it on her and picked up a small towel to set her on. By this time I was determined to get some photos of her. After all, it was HER idea to go out with me in the first place!

I sat her down on the towel and she instantly turned away.

Since she wouldn’t look my way, I adjusted myself to be more in front of her. She still wouldn’t look at me!

I called her name to look my direction and this is what she did…

I continued to say her name.

It was misting on her nose.

Finally I got her to glance my way. For a moment.

I guess she thinks if she closes her eyes, I disappear.

There it is again! The look.

What does she do next? Turn the other way. (The little toot!)

So once again, I re-adjust.

And once again, the look

In the end, I got my photos. 

…although not exactly what had been envisioned.

The little toot!



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