Got Goosed!

Today was a day of fun, learning, friends and getting goosed.

After a quick lunch, a few of my photog-friends and I went to a local park to experiment with using off-camera flash. With softbox, light stand, diffuser, reflector, flashes and cameras, we set off to try different set ups and such. We were having a great time.

Then it happened. We had a couple of visitors crash our party. We must have been on their territory as one became quite insistent. Either that or he had a crush on my friend Lynne. He chased her. Twice.

Let’s just say, “She fell for him!” 

tr.v.goosedgoos·inggoos·es Slang

1. To poke, prod, or pinch (a person) between or on the buttocks.
2. To move to action
3. To give a spurt of fuel to (a car, for example); cause to accelerate quickly:
Yes, she got goosed!

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