A Teacher at Heart! Combined with my Love of Photography

…and processing photos results in what I’m about to share!

I’ve been a teacher for as long as I can remember.

It started with teaching my baby dolls and stuffed animals reading, writing and arithmetic from my bedroom chalkboard.

Then when in elementary school, I began teaching the neighborhood children dance routines. We would put on full-blown dance recitals in the garage, complete with costumes and stage curtains (aka bedroom sheets – sorry, mom!) And believe it or not, we even had audiences.

As a teenager I began teaching dance at local recreation centers – both children and adults.

As an adult, in addition to teaching dance I also taught Bible lessons to children in our church.

As I’ve continued to age over the years (OK, decades) I’ve continued to teach in one way or another. I’ve taught:

  • toddlers, children, teens, adults – ALL ages
  • individuals, small groups of two or three and larger groups up into the hundreds
  • dance, health and fitness, Bible messages, leadership training, and more

Now I am taking my love of photography and processing photos and combining it with the love of teaching to hold workshops to help others learn, grow and progress in their art.

Just so you know…I’m quite excited!

These classes will be for those who are local to me, but who knows…maybe one day I’ll take it a step further to have online classes. For now, one step at a time.

What is even more exciting is seeing that others are excited about the opportunity to learn and in less than 24 hours of making it public, I have classes booked.

This is going to be fun!

You see, I am a teacher at heart!




(Located in Fort Worth, TX)

Are you a new photographer or a seasoned one who needs a little more understanding on how Adobe Lightroom works or how to benefit from all it has to offer?

Workshops with Debbi are serious trainings in a not-so-serious environment. They are fun, informative and beneficial to all. You will leave the class knowing how to accomplish what you came to learn!

Each class is…

see more at Workshops | Photos and Facets.

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