Happy Birthday Son! A Child is Born

I wrote this silly poem to give to Son so he will know exactly how his birth was for me. Knowing him, he won’t care, but the details of things like this are interesting to me the older I get so figured he might one day like to know just how it all happened.

A Child is Born

‘Twas the night before Christmas
30 years ago now,
I was young and very pregnant
Quite honestly, as big as a cow!

“December 26th,
You will be induced”
My doctor said, “…on that day
Your baby will be introduced!”

Back in those days
It wasn’t common to know the sex
“The heartbeat sounds like a girl!”
Is what the doctor had guessed.

Christmas Eve was full of merriment,
And lots and lots of food.
Very early the next morning,
I awoke and didn’t feel so good.

“I ate way too much
And now my tummy is crampy”
The bathroom I went
But nothing happened.

I picked up the phone
And my mama I called,
(Back in those days
the phone was attached to the wall!)

“I don’t feel so good”
I told her as she awoke.
“Call the doctor” she said.
As I stood to hang up, my water broke.

To the hospital I went
Dripping all the way
All of this happening
On Christmas Day.

Dr Johns couldn’t be there
with his family the day would be spent,
A Jewish doctor was on call,
so that is how it all went.

“I want a natural delivery”
I told the nurses and doctor.
“A little Demerol will do it,
But no epidural!”

It wasn’t very long before
the doctor said, “PUSH!”
I pushed and I pushed
And I pushed and I pushed!

The doctor then announced,
“Enough is enough!
It’s C-section time
This is getting too rough.

Your face is all spotted,
the blood vessels all burst.
You’ve pushed so hard, it broke them all,
we’ve now come to the worst…

Your frame is too small
the baby can’t fit.
It’s time to move on,
Pushing must quit!”

A short time later
My baby was born
A boy, not a girl
My very own son!

The evidence was there
of my determination,
His head shaped like a cone, but beautiful.
I was filled with elation!

6 pounds 12 ounces,
20 inches he did measure.
Not very large, but that head!
Way too big for my structure.

The scar I do carry
My sign of his birth
I treasure it always
Love came to earth.

My gift from God
On Christmas morn
Unto this day 30 years ago,
My child was born!

(Don’t ask me how
Don’t ask for more
Or how can he be 30
When I’m only 24!)

I exclaim at this time –
No ifs, buts or maybe..
“Happy birthday Christopher!
You’ll always be my baby!”

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Son! A Child is Born

  1. Love it and your face was spotted! I had forgotten about the cone head! Hehehe! What a great poem and one day years and years from now, he will appreciate it! I remember that morning so well! Happy Birthday, Christopher and Happy Birth Day, Debbi! 💘 🎄


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