Zoomin’ In – I Seeeee You!

My birthday present arrived the other day and we set out to have some fun in downtown Fort Worth.

My Sweet Hubby surprised me by getting a new lens for my camera. It’s quite inexpensive, but just the right price for us at this time. After doing a good bit of research and reading reviews, we decided to just go for it, knowing if it wasn’t exactly what I needed – even though the reviews were mostly good, especially for the price – we have until the first of February to return it.

The current lens I’ve been using on my last year’s Christmas gift from Santa (the much-desired Canon 6d) is the Canon 24-105 L Series. It’s a wonderful beauty! However, I have missed the ability of getting up-close-and-personal. After Sweet Hubby heard of a friend of his who recently purchased a 70-300 for his 6d, he wanted me to have one, too. Who am I to argue?

So, after it arrived we made a trip to experiment and play. I still have some learning to do with it, especially using the macro feature, but so far I’m really enjoying it and thinking it will not be returned.

Here are a few of my experimental shots. I am excited to be able to get in close from a distance again (was able to before with my lens on my 7d.) Here I go…zoomin’ in. Better watch out, I seeeee you!

Test shots with my new Sigma 70-300 APO DG Macro lens:



























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