Stove Top Stuffed Peppers

I’m VERY MUCH into easy, simple, fast meals. 

A new clean, healthy eating lifestyle + One-Who-Doesn’t-Enjoy-Cooking = Easy, Fast, Delicious Meals

This one is a favorite!

Stove Top Stuffed Peppers:

I took two large bell peppers and cut in half. Turned them open side down in a deep skillet with about 1 c of water. Covered the pan, brought to a boil and then let simmer while the meat was cooking.

In another skillet, I cooked 1 lb ground turkey with about ½ c chopped onions. Once done, added a can of Muir Glen Organic diced tomatoes (drained), mixed and let simmer a little longer. (Of course I seasoned, too.)

When peppers were somewhat tender, I drained all but just a little of the water, turned over the peppers and stuffed them with the meat mixture. Then poured a can of Muir Glen Organic tomato sauce over all, including a little on the sides to mix with the water under the peppers. Topped them with dried basil and oregano, covered and simmered a while longer.

Was so easy and really, really good. My Sweet Hubby even commented that he preferred this method over the one I typically would use which is baked in the oven. The pepper tenderness was absolutely perfect!

Each pepper half is approximately 266 calories and one filled me up satisfactorily!

(Quick phone shots as I cooked. The peeled pepper spots are due to the nasty label that was stuck on them telling me they are Organic Peppers. Pet peeve: stickers on produce that do not  peel off easily!)












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