What to Eat – What to Eat

Those of you who know me well are aware that I do not enjoy cooking – or at least I didn’t – not until making a lifestyle change to lose weight and eat clean. After making that commitment in March, cooking as been a consistent and regular occurrence and one I no longer mind.

One reason I no longer mind cooking is because it’s the ONLY way I know for sure what is going in my body. Working to achieve a diet of primarily organic foods that are GMO and chemical free, there’s just no way to know exactly what is being consumed unless I make it myself.

The other reason I no longer mind is because the foods I cook are simple with no fancy recipes. Thankfully I have a husband who prefers a Meat and Potatoes kind of meal.

In addition, the best way to cook foods is to do so quickly so that nutrients are retained. That means most everything I prepare is cooked stove-top in a skillet with a little coconut oil or eaten in raw form. (The longer foods cook, the more nutrients are cooked out of them.)

When first starting the new lifestyle, I began taking iPhone pics of my dishes so that should I ever get stumped and not know what to make, I’d have a library to refer to for ideas. These aren’t fancy pictures, nor are they fancy meals. Just simple dishes that we enjoy.

To help those who may be doing the same things that we are, I figured why not share those pics?

So, here you go! (These are just a few of the meals we consume on a regular basis.)

Perhaps this will help you when you are stumped and ask yourself, “Hmm, what to eat – what to eat?”

Click the image to be directed to the gallery:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.34.47 PM


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