Do THIS to Lose Weight (What Took Me Half a Century to Learn)

As they say, better late than never, right? 

Well, that’s the way I feel! For years I’ve been challenged with weight issues. I’ve been on the yo-yo for as long as I can remember.

Let me share a rough timeline to sum up my history:

  • I was born into this world weighing 7 pounds at 19 inches long – a nice, average size.
  • Going into the elementary grades, I was somewhat of a chunky-monkey and recall being on my first “diet” in 4th or 5th grade.
  • I took dance classes several days a week, which helped keep the weight in check.
  • This continued into Junior and High School years.
  • After giving birth to my son, I recall being terribly disappointed that the 40 pounds I had gained, did not just disappear.
  • I was the largest I’d ever been and it took several years to get the weight off and was accomplished by diets, diet pills, diet doctors and deprivation.
  • Many diets (and not healthy ones) continued for several years.
  • At the age of 35, I had an emergency hysterectomy and was informed of all of the potential side effect, but all I heard was weight gain.
  • I began to gain, and gain, and gain until I reached this point in 2003:

  • In late 2004, I had an experience that showed me that I COULD actually lose weight despite the hormonal reasons I was convinced would prevent loss and so I began a weight loss journey by joining an internationally known diet program that also markets diet foods (that are claimed to be healthy.)
  • I lost 80 pounds on this program over the next year and a half.
  • The loss was maintained for the next 2.5-3 years.
  • Weight began to creep back on even though I was still eating the so-called diet foods. Yes, I was eating out a lot, too. Sandwiches, toast, crackers, chips, rice were all a part of my eating, but they were allowed on the diet program as long as they were counted.
  • Three years in a row every January, I’d rejoin the diet program and do the same things I had done in past to lose weight.
  • Three years in a row, I’d lose 7-10 pounds then hit a wall. Even with cutting foods and increasing exercise, the wall would not come down.
  • Last July while on a family vacation to celebrate Son’s college graduation, I had a very revealing experience. After a short hike in the desert to see a natural monument and almost not making it due to being so out of shape and overweight in extreme heat while climbing steep boulders, I finally made it to the top. As I stood at that high point to catch my breath and slow my heart rate, the revelation was the fact that I was turning 50 in a few months. I did NOT want to spend the next 50 years feeling like an old lady who couldn’t enjoy the fun and adventurous things with her family. I was determined that 50 was going to be a good year and changes would need to be made. I came home from that trip and started the same things as before and once again, lost 7-10 pounds – then hit that same wall. Yes, frustrated and discouraged the weight returned plus more!

July 2013, Our Family Vacation at Big Bend National Park

That’s me at the top of Balance Rock catching my breath and realizing that change was needed!

  • March of this year, I was introduced to what I have now discovered makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in losing weight.

It’s time everyone knows!

Every day, millions of people spend hard-earned money joining diet programs, buying diet pills, drinks, powders, shots, prepackaged foods, undergoing surgeries (and some have those surgeries a second, third and for some – a fourth time).

In other words, people will spend hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars putting things INTO their bodies when all it comes down to is NOT putting some things in their bodies – and it doesn’t cost to eliminate it.

Now, let’s keep in mind as I have already stated, I was supposedly doing everything right for those three years – the same things I did back in 2004 to lose – but yet without experiencing success. Each year that I would hit that wall, I’d be terribly discouraged and would gain back the 7-10 pounds plus some. I had even started to think perhaps I was just going to have to spend the rest of my life at that 7-10 pound loss and no more. What a LIE!

As posted a few days ago, I am a former breadaholic. I always felt there were many foods I could go without, but bread was not one of them! Nor crackers, chips, rice, etc. I could give up cakes and cookies, but not bread. Or so I thought!

You see the very things that were causing that wall, that roadblock to loss, were the very things I felt I could not ever live without. But I have realized I CAN and not only that, I do not have a desire for them any longer! 

Starches and Sugar! These foods break down into sugar (glucose) and when too much glucose is produced, it is stored as fat. When we are constantly eating these starchy foods, our bodies use that for energy instead of using the fat already stored in our bodies.

When I say, eliminate starches, I’m not talking about eliminating all carbohydrates.

NO! We need carbs! Carbohydrates are one of the six classes of nutrients our bodies need (in addition to water, protein, vitamins, minerals and fat) and you get plenty of carbs from vegetables and fruits. I’m talking grains, cereals, potatoes, corn, beans, rice, etc. Especially grains (bread and cereal come from these), rice and starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn. Also, ALL prepackaged and processed foods.

What I have learned from being introduced to this new way of eating is that the very things I said I could not live without are the very things that caused me to continuously hit that wall and not lose beyond those 7-10 pounds. Once I eliminated those foods from my daily eating, the pounds began to melt off.

In addition to the new eating lifestyle, this is important…exercise! Consistent, regular exercise turns the body into a fat burning machine. Not only is it good for losing excess weight, but for good health in general. It may not always be convenient, but it IS necessary. Find something you enjoy and then do it regularly. A simple walking routine is a great start. Adding strength training has multiple benefits (perhaps I’ll share more on this later.)

As a result, I dropped 70 pounds in exactly six months and did it while consuming foods that contain all the healthy nutrients my body requires: vegetables, lean meats and fish, fruits in moderation, dairy in moderation, healthy fats and drinking large amounts of water daily. Most of the foods I consume are organic, grass-fed, non-gmo, pasture-raised, etc. Foods that are free of toxins, as toxins block the body’s ability to convert and burn energy as it should.

One of the most impressive (and important) factors to me in my new eating lifestyle is that I am totally, 100%, completely satisfied! 

From March 2014 to September 2014 Six Months and Seventy Pounds Lighter!

So it comes down to this: Do not spend money on products and procedures and plans that require putting additional things into your body. Instead, eliminate foods that are starches and sugars and watch the weight melt.

A recent quote I saw said this (and it’s so true): “No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.”

I must confess…this has been extremely easy for me–much more than I ever imagined!  And definitely worth it! The benefits are numerous.

It only took me half a century to learn what THIS is, but I’m glad I did now. I have at least another half century that I will now enjoy being in the best health and shape of my life.

Do THIS and you, too, can lose weight! And now you know what THIS is.

(For more details on my new eating lifestyle, please refer to this post.)

When at my largest in 2003 to my current size and weight – exactly 100 pounds different:

Then and Now

One of the tools that I use to help me stay on track in counting calories and nutrients (to ensure I do not consume too many sugars in a day) is MyFitnessPal. I encourage you to check it out at!


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