I’ll Not Forget

I remember exactly what happened on this day in 2001 – where I was and what I was doing when I first heard and then saw the events that have made 9/11 (sadly) something everyone instantly connects with – especially in the USA.

However, this day in 2009 holds another memory for me, too.

A memory that is VERY good! It’s the day that I took possession of my first DSLR, a gift from my parents.

Since that day five years ago, I’ve had a number of photos published, purchased and even have a large acrylic hanging in a local McDonald’s restaurant as well as one of my photos covering a Texas Department of Transportation recycle truck! Things I could never had imagined!

I decided to go back in time to the very first photos I took and posted on my photo site from that camera.

Of course they would be of my model, Lucy.

Look at me, aren't I cute?


…and my son.

What'cha say?

September 11th holds many memories – some not so good and others great.

Either way, it’s a day I will never forget!


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