Hello. My Name is Debbi and I Am…

Hello. My name is Debbi and I am…
a former breadaholic!

I have been delivered, redeemed, set free from the bondage of bread. Not only bread but: crackers, chips, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals, grains, corn, basically all starches, sugar, sweets, packaged and processed foods.Baby Debbi

My strange (although not uncommon) relationship with the above mentioned foods began at a very young age. It began as an infant with my first bite of that warm, mushy stuff called Infant Cereal. Then came the cereal snacks (you know, the round ones that every mother feeds their toddlers), teething biscuits and so on.

Six months ago, on March 7th, 2014, I did the unthinkable. The very thing I said I could NEVER do (and the same thing I’ve heard so many others say they cannot do after sharing with them what I’ve been doing)

…I gave up my addiction.

And what is one of the most amazing things about giving up that addiction? I don’t miss it! I have no cravings, no desire for those things and let me tell you…that, my friend, is a miracle!

I’m so very grateful and thankful to my God for giving me grace and mercy and for creating me to be a free-willed human capable of making my own choices and decisions. For being a being who can choose to be disciplined, committed, consistent and one who can persevere. (I’m also very thankful to three people in particular: L for sharing her own decision, CE for guidance and wisdom, and Sweet Hubby for partnership and support.)

You see, it takes all of those things to beat an addiction and I am happy – no, make that THRILLED – to say, “I’ve done it!”

As a result of making up my own mind and making a decision to kick the habit, in the last six months I’ve lost 70 (yes, SEVENTY) pounds, dropped numerous sizes and many, many inches! I am currently wearing a size I only dreamed of and never thought possible.

When I purchased some of my most recent pairs of pants in a size 2 (all in different brands), I called my bestie on the way from the store to share how I broke down in tears in the dressing room of a local clothing store. When she asked why, I shared that I finally realized that I really have lost weight when I tried on that size in several different brands and they all fit. I never thought I could ever wear that size – not after all the years of up and down obesity. It was truly a defining moment!

Yes, I broke the addiction and lost unnecessary weight and did it without spending money on programs, pills, drinks, shots, prepackaged meals, etc. I did it by making a committed decision and removing the very foods from my life that had brought about obesity and replacing those with foods containing 100% nutrients – vegetables, lean meats, fruits, dairy in moderation and consistent exercise. The most inexpensive and easiest program I’ve ever done in my life (and I’ve done them all)!

I’m NEVER going back, ever again, I promise you! (I’ve removed every article of clothing from my wardrobe as soon as it has proven to be too big – there’s no sense in holding onto it because it will not be worn by me again!) No matter what age, it’s never too late in life to start and make a change – and this girl will never be starting over again. I’ll be maintaining until Jesus comes back!

And now I am here sharing this with you for several reasons: because I am excited, so you can celebrate and rejoice with me, but mainly to say, “TRUST ME! If I can do it – a former breadaholic – then you can, too!”

“Hello. My name is Debbi and I am a former breadaholic!”



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