A Milestone on the Way to the Goal!


Ten years ago, I was huge.

I mean really big! I was the largest, most out of shape I’d ever been in my life.

August 30, 2004, I started on a journey of weight-loss which included eating good (caloric restrictions – but now I know it wasn’t the best way to eat, which included packaged and processed foods) and exercise. On May 12, 2006 I hit my lowest number on the scale in many years which was a loss of more than 80 pounds. After hitting that number, the next three years I was able to maintain while fluctuating between a five to ten pound increase.

After such a huge loss, I was quite content where I was although I could have stood to lose another 10-15 pounds. I had no desire to drop any more weight because after all – I felt wonderful, could fit in and wear cute clothes and settled in the “I’ve arrived” state of mind. I spent the next several years helping others all around the globe (literally) overcome their own weight-loss issues and even published a devotional book on the subject: No More Weighting, Thought for the Week.

Sometime at the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010, the weight began to creep up. I continued to help others through my ministry, No More Weighting, yet at the same time felt like I was not a good example. And that bothered me!

The weight continued to creeped up, up, up gradually over the next four years until February of this year when I was only 25 pounds away from my highest – which was back in August of 2004.

Something needed to change! 

Even after my revelation last summer (you can read about that here) and returning from our trip with a new goal and determination, once the holiday season hit, the weight went back on and continued to climb. I gained 17 pounds from the end of August 2013 to March 7th 2014. Sad. Very sad!

…until March 7th when a change took place! (You will also find out about that in the above link regarding the revelation from last summer.)

Now to the milestone:

As of this morning, the scales showed one pound less than what my lowest weight was back in 2006! Woohoo!

That means I have lost 59 pounds since March 7th and THIS TIME I did it by eating GOOD (really good – organic veggies, fruits, lean meats from grass-fed cows, pasture raised organic chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, dairy, good fats, water, water, water and NO starches, processed foods, sugars, packaged foods whatsoever!)

The difference this time is I am NOT content and I WILL continue until I reach my ultimate goal which is another 10-15 pounds! 

I feel better than I’ve felt in years, and once again I FEEL 24! (For those of you who have followed for a while or know me personally, you know I am and always will be 24 years old. That’s just the way it is!)

Even though I feel great, I am not stopping! I expect to be at my goal by the end of this month or first of next. When I do, I will share with the world, so you will know when it happens – trust me!

I have not been able to locate a photo of me from the beginning of this year when I weighed the most I had in almost 10 years as I always did my best to hide from a camera, but I did manage to find one from our trip last summer that represents to me the beginning of a turning point in my new lifestyle. It is a photo that we took the day of the hike that made me realize I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life out of shape and obese. Even though it took me several months to really make the change, it was definitely a turning point in my life.

So here is the photo along with one from this morning. I’m showing it as Before and During…, because the After will be coming shortly.

And when it does, you WILL know it!

Like I said, this a milestone day on the way to my ultimate goal.

I just had to share and say, “Thank you” to everyone who has been a cheerleader and encourager to me along the way. You have no idea what that means to me and you know who you are!

Don’t let up now, I’m not there yet.

But I will be!







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