In Every Small Town

What do I mean by the title of this post? I’ll tell you.

In every small town, I think of my dad. Isn’t that sweet?

I can’t help it. I always look for the old train depot.

While passing through Arcola, IL on our recent vacation, it wasn’t hard to find the old train depot. It is the Visitor’s Information Center and houses the world’s largest broom collection (Arcola is known as the Broom Corn Capitol of the World) and an extensive Raggedy Ann and Andy collection (the birthplace of the creator of the two siblings.)

As we were walking around the old depot, lo and behold we heard a train. Although the trains no longer stop there, they do pass by and rather quickly!

Dad, this is for you…



To see the complete photo gallery of the train depot, the Raggedy Ann and Andy collection, the broom corn collection as well as Arcola Amish, go HERE.



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