An Old Recipe with a New Twist of Love

I have mentioned before my new love for cauliflower. Well, another new love is spaghetti squash.

The love of my life has a favorite recipe that I’ve made for him since our dating days.

It’s called Spaghetti Pie

It was one of those recipe cards that arrived in the mail, back before internet was created. It came from a company who was trying to get me to join their recipe card club. I took the sample and have made it for many, many years.

Recently, we’ve changed the way we eat and in doing so have been looking for recipes that contain alternative ingredients. Last night as I was cooking spaghetti squash to have ready for today’s lunch when we returned home from church, the vision of that recipe card flashed in my mind. Hmmm, I wonder…could I? Should I?

I should.

And I did! 

I recreated the recipe to make it our-eating-plan-friendly and let me tell you, it was delish! Sweet Hubby had the same look of satisfaction on his face after lunch as he did when I made the original recipe.

There is one thing I would do different the next time I make it, however. I would squeeze the squash to get the liquid out like I do when I make cauliflower pizza, flats or shells. It didn’t cut like pie as the original recipe did. Well, it did cut but when it came time to scoop it out, it didn’t hold up. Maybe by squeezing the liquid out prior, it would.

Regardless the flavor was superb 

Here is the recipe. (I’ve included it with the “squeezing” part although I have not tried it that way yet. And trust me, even without squeezing, the taste is wonderful!)

Spaghetti Squash Pie, D Robertson


Guess what Sweet Hubby wants for dinner? Yep, more Spaghetti Squash Pie!


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