This Thing Called Facebook – What is it Good For?

I can’t help but hear an ending to that question in the form of a song that goes, “…what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” 

But that’s not necessarily  true.

Let’s look at just a few of the pros and cons of Facebook:
  • It’s a time-waster.
  • It’s addictive.
  • People get hurt by personal attacks, posts or comments.

In relation to the Cons, I confess…In past, I have wasted hundreds of hours being on this particular social media site. I admit it.

But now for the Pros.

  • It allows connections with new friends.
  • (Perhaps even more important) It allows reconnections with friends and family from past times in life. Some we have lost complete contact with and would never have heard from again if it wasn’t for this “time-waster.”
  • It’s a way to remain connected with those friends.

Now, in my opinion there is great benefit in the Pros as long as we don’t allow the Cons to override. Just like anything else, it takes control and moderation if you are one who is tempted to spend too much time on the site. For many, that is a real problem. For others, they never get on so there’s no temptation of the Cons.

Here is how I personally use Facebook and feel it is beneficial to me:
  • I use it for the Pros above.
  • I use it to spread the Word that I so confidently believe, in hopes it will encourage others.
  • I keep up with family that live across the globe and some I’ve never met. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with them and share what’s going on in my life just like I enjoy knowing what is going on in theirs.
  • I post things that excite me and I want to share my excitement with my friends.
  • I share prayer requests to those who will honestly pray. (I love how fast tens or hundreds of people can come together in agreement, all in a matter of minutes.)
  • I pray for others.
  • Even more than the above, I love seeing the praise reports as a result of answered prayer.
  • I like to be goofy sometimes and what is the sense if no one knows how goofy I am? So I share those moments.
  • I use it to bookmark certain interests by “liking” pages.
  • I have my BLOG sites connected to it so that my published posts get shared on Facebook (which is why I can go many days without being on and it appears I’m on daily. I just let a secret out of the bag.)
  • I use it to share my photos because some people enjoy seeing them. (And I enjoy sharing them.)
  • I have very few pages and people set up in notifications. I don’t like feeling overwhelmed with all those red numbers showing up.
  • My computer will notify me of replies to a post or comment I’ve made so I do not have to have FB open and yet I know when someone has contacted me, replied or posted on my page.
  • I only accept friend requests from people I personally know. No matter who suggests them.
  • It’s a great “down-time” filler. You know, like sitting and waiting for your car to be maintained.
  • I “like” only pages I have a true interest in so I don’t have a feed full of information I do not care about. And I use the pages that I liked, because well…I get to choose and they are a tool to me. I am not one to like every suggested page that comes my way.
  • I never ever play games and all the invites I get, I ignore. No sense in posting a blanket statement about not inviting me because I am sure a) it will not be seen by those busy playing games, b) I will receive more invites because reality is those who do play send out an invite to their entire list.
  • I do not get involved in chain posts, the behind the scenes secret games and do not “like” or comment on posts for the sake of “seeing what it will do.” Come on people! All it will do is put a “like” or a comment on the page. Let’s get real.
  • I rarely take any of the polls (although I did recently take one that nailed me. Ha!)
  • I try to only post positives and almost never post anything that is a negative. (I say almost never because I did once but it bugged me so that I deleted it.)

In reality, if we do not allow it to consume us, be addictive or be offensive then Facebook is a great source of not only friendships, but a fun way to share information with those we care about and also learn things from those same people as well as informative pages. It’s a way to have information at our fingertips in areas of interest. It’s a great tool if we use it that way.

Now if your feed is being bombarded with posts that you get tired of seeing, most likely you need to add more “likes” or find more family and friends to connect to. When you have a number of interesting pages flowing through your feed, you need not look too far to find a link to information that you may have a question on. Even without 400 friends and relatives you can have a wide variety of information in your feed to keep you informed, entertained and never bored. In can be used strictly as an information device. But why? Friends make it more fun!

So this thing called Facebook, what is it good for?
Absolutely whatever you make it!




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