A Reminder: Be Aware, Check Your Surroundings

I’m so thankful tonight! Thankful that we dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty!

Just a few days ago, I was sitting at a signal light and I had a thought, “Don’t just go when the light turns green, look both ways first.”

So many times we get so trusting in the light turning green that we just go without being aware of what others are doing around us. I know for me, I’m guilty. I don’t text while driving but I will check or reply to messages while sitting at a red light. How many of  you do the same thing?

Well this particular day, I had no idea why the Lord spoke to me and reminded me to be sure and always look when going and not just trusting the light to tell me when to go. And I recall thinking that I needed to remind Sweet Hubby of that very thing, too.

But what happened? By the time I got home and Sweet Hubby got in from work, I made dinner, we ate, sat down to watch the Olympics…well, I forgot.

Fast forward to today. 

We had run a couple of errands and were on our way home. We were first at the light and sitting, waiting for it to turn green so we could turn left. This particular intersection has a total of six lanes across, three in each direction. The light turned green and we went. As we crossed the first three lanes and were just about to turn onto our direction, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye to our right side. I gasped! Next out of my mouth was “Jesus!” When I gasped, Sweet Hubby was startled and hesitated. As he did a car sped past us from our right at a very high speed in the lane closest to us. He did not run a yellow light. No, that light had been red long enough for us to start moving and pass three lanes of traffic. The back of our vehicle contained breakables so Sweet Hubby did not accelerate very quickly. That light had been red for several seconds and the driver sped through without any reservation.

At my gasp, sweet hubby hesitated and as “Jesus!” came out of my mouth we came to a stop. And good thing! If we had not hesitated and stopped we would have been t-boned on my side. It shook us both up at the thought of what just happened and what could have been the result.

At that moment I remembered my warning from the other day. I did not wait another minute to share that warning with Sweet Hubby as a reminder of how important it is for us to not get so comfortable and trusting in a light to tell us when to go.

I share this tonight to spread the warning to you. Don’t trust a light to tell you when to go. ALWAYS be aware and check your surroundings. 


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