Puzzle Piece in Place – CM Cockrell Co, Dallas

What an interesting find in my Scan the Fam(ily) Project!

As I was going through the box of VERY old photos of family from generations in past, I came across the photo below. 

My first thought was that perhaps it is the blacksmith shop owned by my great-great-grandfather Rupard, As I looked closer, many of the items I assume would be in a blacksmith shop were missing.

Hmm, who could this be and where was it taken?

The photo was located in a box that also contained some crumbling papers that had handwritten and typed solution recipes for stripping jewelry. My great aunt had worked for many years for Mr Leon Rudberg of Rudberg Jewelers in Dallas. So perhaps this image was of a manufacturing warehouse for Rudberg’s?

No, it didn’t look like anything to do with jewelry.

Then as I zoomed in very close, I noticed a handwritten sign propped up. It was just too small and faded and hard to see. I cropped it in and made some adjustments, then noticed what I thought said CM Cockrell Co, Dallas.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.25.43 PM

But this told me nothing! Was this a sign the men had made for someone else or was it a sign for this particular place?

I called my mother and sent her copy of the scanned image to see if she had any idea. She thought perhaps the man in the back looked like her Grandpa Lewis at a very young age, but had no information on his employment, other than knowing that he at one time worked for Rudberg. She had no knowledge of who or what CM Cockrell Co could be.

I did a very quick google search and found this: 

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.27.39 PM

Obviously, CM Cockrell made electrical fixtures. But who is this in the image?

Later in the evening while searching for other things on ancestry.com, I found a War Draft Registration for my great-grandfather Lewis. Guess what his occupation was at the time, dated 1917?

Yes, he was an electroplater at CM Cockrell Co, Dallas.

A puzzle piece has been put in place!


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