Scan the Fam: If Only I Had Cared

My emotions were a little tender today while working on my Scan the Fam(ily) Project.

I know that sounds silly, that I would be emotional over a project of scanning very old photos.

But this is why…

You see, so many of these photos I KNOW are family, yet I don’t know who they are. And I may never know.

The people who would have this information have gone on to Heaven. My Gaga and my Nana are the two people who held the secrets, yet when they were on earth and could have shared that info, I wasn’t interested.

Regrets? Yes, many!

If only I had cared!

This is an image from a family reunion from approximately 1940. I know there are many families with the names Rupard, Garrett and Lewis in this image. 


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