The Making of Two True Valentines

First there was a Valentine. Paul Valentine to be exact.

And the Lord saw he needed a helpmeet.

So He brought him a Clark. Judy Clark to be exact.

He was working at the local Fort Worth McCrory’s store as a manager trainee.

She was a high school senior who needed a part-time job.

She got a job at the local Fort Worth McCrory’s dime store.

They met. 

They dated.

She quit McCrory’s (because managers were not allowed to date employees.)

(It was often said that he met his “million dollar baby at the five and ten-cent store.”)

She graduated.

They got engaged.

They married less than a year later on…

yep, February 14th, 1961.


The two were joined as one. 

The Lord said, be fruitful and multiply.

And they did.

The fruit of their labor were two little Valentines (one of which is me.)

Those Valentines multiplied to create an entire box of sweet, candy hearts in the form of grandchildren. 

And life was sweet!

Happy 53rd Anniversary to Mom and Dad, two true Valentines! 

Scanned Pictures

Scanned Pictures

DSR_20110212Mom n Dads 50th79-3


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