Scan the Fam(ily) Project: The Toughest Over and Done

As I’ve mentioned the last several posts, I am about to undertake a long-lasting project of scanning thousands of old, family photos. A project I will call, the Scan the Fam Project.

My start of the project was earlier today – scanning a few old photos of my brother to wish him a Happy Birthday.

The next (and the one I had intended on doing first) is the one I’m sharing now.

When I originally went through the first box of old images (and the oldest of the collection) I discovered one that made me want to cry. It is one of the few photographs I have of my paternal grandmother when she was a very young child. The reason I was so upset? Because it was broken in half. It’s a large image, approximately 11 x 14 and it was in two separate pieces.


In comparison to all the others, I knew it would not only be one of the largest to scan but also one of the most difficult seeing it would need restoration and repairs.

At first I pieced it together and scanned it only to discover it was not pieced exactly as it should have been. It was a tight fit, but not lined up correctly.

So, I scanned it again.

This time it was lined up correctly, however it was not a tight fit and the space between the two created an extremely large gap. I scanned it with the machine’s color correction option selected and it did a good job of removing the yellowish color.

Afterwards, I took it into Photoshop to begin the repair process. I could have spent much more time on it, making it even better, but seeing the mountain of images I have yet to do, enough is enough and I’m pleased with the result.

The process has begun and the best thing is knowing that the toughest one is over and done!


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