Woohoo! Tomorrow’s the Day

The day for what? What am I so excited about? 

In addition to tomorrow being my little brother’s birthday and his (and his wife’s) 21st wedding anniversary, it’s another exciting day. The day my new scanner gets here and I start on this huge project staring me in the face.

A project I’ll call, Scan the Fam

I have several large containers of old prints. I’m talking thousands of them. Some in great condition that just need to be scanned and digitized and others that are much older and falling apart. I will most likely start with those as they will take the most time and need the most attention.

Some are from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and have people in them that I have no idea who they are. With the genealogy study I’ve done off and on over many years now, I’m hoping to locate some missing pieces of the very large puzzle that is my family. I’m quite certain I will be sharing a good number of those on here over the next several days (weeks or years) – ha!

Most of the really old ones are on the box top on the right side of the image below and in that red box to the left.


Since tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, I feel certain that I will have to share some of him that I came across while sorting the other day. 

Yes, I think I will.

Tomorrow’s the day!


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