Get Organized: Scan Your Old Photos |

Another great article to assist if you are tackling a big project like I’m about to…

Get Organized: Scan Your Old Photos


If you have boxes of old photos you’d like to digitize, here are some tips for managing the project and preserving your memories the right way.

Shoeboxes of old photos may hold your family’s history and memories, but they’re difficult to preserve, share, organize, and backup. Digitizing print photos takes a good amount of time and effort to do, but if you break down the task and know a few simple tricks to make the process easier, it’ll go by pretty quickly.

Here are some tips and guidance for scanning your old photos.

Break Down the Project

Take inventory of the photos you want to scan. If you have more than a few dozen, you’ll want to break down the project into sessions. Decide which photos you want scanned first (maybe you have a deadline for a party project), and then separate the photos into piles that you’ll work through.

You can scan one image at a time, or multiple images by laying them onto the scanner bed with about a quarter-inch space separating them. If you scan multiple images at once, you’ll crop them later into individual files.

When I tested a batch of four photos, the scanning time alone was almost eight minutes! Add in the editing time (and figuring out which tools and settings I needed), and I easily lost an hour. Sure, the process will speed up as…(continued at: Get Organized: Scan Your Old Photos |


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