What AM I Doing?

The answer: something I’ve desired to do for several years. It needs to be done and now I’m about to start on it.

I have no less than 5 large tubs of old photos. I’m talking thousands of images from generations, dating back to the 1800’s.

I realized I’ve given my paternal grandmother all the credit in past for my photog-genes, as she was quite the photographer in her day. However, after going through only one tub of images, most of which came from my maternal grandmother, reality hit.

Who was it that bought me my first (and second) camera as a young girl? My Gaga.

Who was it that always had a camera in her hand – ALWAYS? My Gaga.

Who was it that had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos always, yet very, very few of her in them? My Gaga.

I am blessed to have all of those images, as well as images from generations before her. 

Now it is time for me to do something with them. And that something is scan and catalog them. Just looking at them is overwhelming, but it needs to be done. It WILL be done!

But once again, I ask myself…

What AM I doing? 




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