It’s the Story of Love

Love, what a wonderful thing!

When young love happens, two lovebirds meet, fall in love and know immediately they are meant to be together, it’s only a matter of time until it happens.

The proposal!

I had the honor of photographing one yesterday and today I’ve had the honor or reliving it. ALL DAY! And believe me when I say, I am not complaining. Not one bit.

I have watched that moment – the one where she realizes what is about to happen – over and over again.  I’ve seen him go down on his knee multiple times. I’ve seen her say yes and then grab him as if she will never let go.

That is because she won’t. They are meant to be.

I’ve watched the love sparkle on their faces and their grasp and tight hold of each other for more hours than I care to admit while editing each moment, each touch, each glimpse into each others’ eyes.

Yes, I’ve seen a story unfold again and again today.

The story of love!

DSR_20140131Gayoso Proposal99-3

DSR_20140131Gayoso Proposal272-3



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