Everybody Loves a Parade

Seeing I shot over 1100 images at the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade on Saturday, I will tell you now…you WILL be seeing many photos from the parade over the next few days. Consider yourself warned.

In addition to those who were in the parade, there were also those observers. Some of whom looked as if they could have been IN the parade, however weren’t.


The native american:

The professional bullfighter clown-man:

Then we have…

The rude photographer (who decided to stand right in front of me despite knowing I was in the same spot and had been for an hour): 

And the considerate photographer (who purposely stood behind us as to not get in my way. He was beside but then moved behind because he was taller than me and didn’t want to be rude. I noticed Mr., Thank you!):

Yes, everybody loves a parade!


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