Chico and Catch-Up

First the catch-up: For those who know what the Z2H (Zero to Hero) Challenge is, it’s a way that WordPress has designed to help brand-spankin-new bloggers get started and develop their sites. For those of us who have been around a while, it’s a great way to bring about an awakening to our sites, so to speak. For me, that is exactly what it has done – awakened and shaken me to reexamine my site, to wake up and get to posting again after a year of dosing off and on.

Here we are, already halfway through the first month of 2014 and halfway through the challenge. Although I haven’t missed a day of posting since the year started, I have been slacking in the day-to-day challenges.

Or have I?

Actually, when I visited the page to see what I’d missed, I realized that several of the assignment I had already done. With that said, I really don’t need to catch up. I’m already caught up (minus a few comments on new blogs I follow, but I will get that done as soon as this post is complete.)

So, let’s move on to Chico:

This past week, my Photog-Friend, Lola (who by the way, has just started a blog here on WP – be sure to check out her Lavender Pathways site) and I, took a spontaneous drive. She was my accomplice in trespassing on the property to capture photos of the old house. In our defense as I shared earlier, we really and truly did not know the purple painted post was a sign for No Trespassing. I mean, after all, we can read. We don’t need colors, we need words. Oh well.

After breaking the law, we had worked up an appetite and wanted some lunch. We were so close to Chico, we figured surely there would be a restaurant needing our business. And there was. We almost missed it.

Let’s just say that Chico is a very (tiny, small) quiet town. 


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