Clark Gardens’ Special Treat

Are you familiar with Clark Gardens in Mineral Wells, Texas? If you are not, you should be. Not only are the gardens absolutely gorgeous, the people who make up Clark Gardens are even more gorgeous.

Talk about big hearts! 

We’ve been members of the gardens for a few years, yet have not taken full advantage of all the benefits that are included. Yes, we’ve been to visit the gardens multiple times, yes, we’ve been to the spring and fall events. However there are many more events offered that we’ve not attended.

Last night we were invited to a special treat. Our invitation called the evening, a Members Only Tailgate Party. We figured it would be an outdoors barbecue in the garden’s covered pavilion. We knew as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, this party was different. There were very few cars. We had no idea what we would be attending when we sent in our RSVP. Not until we arrived did we find out that we were going to be escorted to the Guest House – the home of Carol and Mark Montgomery. Carol is the Gardens Director and one of the daughters of Max and Billie Clark, the founders and heart and soul of Clark Gardens.

We arrived quite late, yet were welcomed, greeted and treated when we walked inside the house. The best pulled pork tacos to ever melt in our mouths. A full table of assorted dips, cheeses, fruits, chips and much more. Outside were a couple of fire pits with the makings for hot dogs, roasted marshmallows and s’mores. The evening was perfect (yes, even for a January evening) and quite comfortable. The game was on the television indoors for those who were interested and many were parked around the fire pits.

Beverly, Kathy and the entire staff were waiting on us hand and foot and carted us to and from the house. Members are treated very well and made to feel like part of the family. If you’ve never visited before, you must make it a priority. If you fall in love with it like we have, I’d suggest becoming a member. You will find it definitely worth it!

It was truly a very special treat!

Thank you Clark Gardens and Staff!


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