A Part of Me – My Little Lucy

In the 30 day Challenge put out by WordPress called Zero to Hero, the second day’s assignment is to think about my name, my title, my About Me and create a widget. I had already accomplished all of those requests prior EXCEPT create an About Me widget.

So I did. It’s short. It’s sweet.

In thinking about my blog’s name and going over my many facets of life, one important gem is my little Yorkie, Lucy.

For those who have been around a while, you know she is a major part of my life. She’s the “child” who is still at home, who is still dependent on me, still wants to be in my lap and loves to follow me around. She is also very often the subject of another facet…photography.

Any time I need to experiment and try out new things, new techniques, a new camera, Lucy is my model.

Have I mentioned that she does not like it? Well, she doesn’t! Actually she will turn her head, walk away, do whatever she can to avoid the camera. (I will say, she is typically obedient and will sit and stay when I command it.)

After receiving the gift from my Sweet Hubby the other day, the very first thing after inserting the memory card, battery and taking off the lens cap was turn it on and find Lucy. I didn’t have to look too far as she was sitting in her little bed right next to my desk.

This was the first image I took with my new camera. Well…that’s not exactly the truth. The first one is of the back of her head as she quickly turned away when she saw the lens pointing in her direction. And if you look closely, you can see she was in the process of turning in this one as her eyes are looking away from me.

This photo was shot in RAW format, straight out of camera with no processing.


I’m quite happy with my photos.

I’m quite happy with my facets. 

I’m quite happy with my name.
I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!


Comments make me happy!

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