The Year of Love, Life and Greatness!

Happy New Year to all!

Being that my maiden name is Valentine and that I do my best to live by I Corinthians 13, my family has made a declaration for this new year…

2014 Year of Love

I truly believe it will be an exciting year and one full of promise, hope and fulfillment. The prophecies that have gone forth from the heart of God are ones of life, love, and greatness and I grab hold of those words.

On a natural level, the year has already started out great for me! And I’m excited!

I spent a very exciting New Year’s Eve learning my new toy (tool) while Sweet Hubby worked. If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I was anticipating a very special delivery.

The last two months, UPS has visited frequently. I’ve come to realize that we are on the rural route and therefore our deliveries are one of the last. I’ve not seen my UPS driver in the daylight – not once. All of our UPS deliveries have arrived on our porch long after the sun went down every time, and since most of my Christmas shopping was accomplished online – there were MANY deliveries.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I had a notice that my special delivery was Out For Delivery. I prayed, “Lord, please move our route up so that I can receive my camera early enough to have more than enough time to set it up, experiment and learn before bedtime.” I knew I’d be spending the night alone, due to Sweet Hubby working and Son spending New Year’s Eve in Austin (with my car), so I looked forward to having the uninterrupted time to learn.

Shortly after 2:30pm, I had a very welcomed sight out my front window! Wow! Two-thirty in the AFTERNOON! Thank You Lord!


Just as planned, an evening of learning and experimenting took place. After going through my menus and setting up the camera with all the settings I am already familiar with, I decided to play. I have owned a crop sensor camera since I first picked up a DSLR four years ago. I’ve desired a full-frame camera for over a year and wanted to see for myself what the difference is. So, I grabbed both cameras (my new 6d and my 7d) and set both with the exact same focal lengths and exact same settings.

Is there a difference? See for yourself.

These are all SOOC (straight out of camera with no processing) photos set with: ISO at 3200, f4 and 1/10. My center focus point was the exact same place in all photos. 

Canon 6d with 24mm focal length:

01 6d 24-f4-10-3200 (1 of 1) copy

Canon 7d with 24mm focal length:

02 7d 24-f4-10-3200 (1 of 1) copy

Canon 6d with 35mm focal length:

03 6d 35-f4-10-3200 (1 of 1) copy

Canon 7d with 35mm focal length:

04 7d 35-f4-10-3200 (1 of 1) copy

I’d say there IS a difference. I’m very pleased with my new camera!

I’m excited about the coming year. I truly believe it will be greater than years past, full of overcoming life, and the manifested Love of God in our lives.

2014 – the Year of Love, Life and Greatness!



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