Those Three Wonderful Words

I know what you are probably thinking, “I love you” – right? 

Although that is true, I DO love you, those are not the three words I’m referring to in this post.


But speaking of love…

I love blogging. I have loved it since I started it with my first post seven years ago. For seven years I have blogged. I love it because it allows me to share all the different facets of my life and to keep a record – a journal – for my future generations.

Different facets of my life. I have so many different facets. I love blogging because it is a way for me to voice my faith and love for my Lord. It’s my pulpit, so to speak. It is an open door for me to encourage, share God’s love and even “preach” at times. Another reason I love blogging, I love to talk and I can share whatever I want any time I want. Since my site is not geared in any one direction, you find I’m quite random. I may share about my family one moment, an encouraging word from the Lord another moment, something silly my  pup did another, my travel experiences another and nothing but photos another. Every once in a great while, maybe even a tutorial. Yes, random. Yes, many facets.

So what are the three words? Well, it IS New Year’s Eve so it could be “Happy New Year!”

However those are not the words that led me to write this post.

happy ny

But speaking of a New Year…

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been blogging for seven years. I will admit 2013 was NOT my best year. I got lazy in my posts. I didn’t post nearly as often as the years prior. Actually, it may have been my lowest year ever. There were weeks (sadly, even months) that I didn’t share anything. Why? I don’t have an answer to that. But since I DO enjoy it so, I plan to pick back up in 2014. After all, I can’t very well leave a journal if I don’t write something, right?

Looking back over 2013, it was a busy year with many changes.

I do think I managed to share the highlights over the year – it was the in-between that lacked. 


Son graduated from UT, moved home for the summer, moved to Chicago in the fall. Those are pretty major changes for this mama!

In addition to the mental, emotional adjustments of those things, there are also the major expenses that go along. Having out of the ordinary expenses, meant travel was light.
Travel was light, but there was travel and I shared those things. I shared our family vacation to Big Bend, our annual trip to the Ozarks and a few other small one-day trips around our home state. (I posted pictures of those quick trips in my Photos Around Texas segment of my photography gallery.) Compared to 2012’s trips to Europe, Hawaii, New Orleans and two cruises, well…traveling was a little sparse in 2013. I am hoping that 2014 will contain more open doors for opportunities to travel.

dsr_20130710bbnightskyone22 DSR_20131022Ozarks with Kirk194-Edit-2


 Less travel for a photographer who primarily shoots landscapes, meant less photos to share. However, I did manage to spread my wings a little from travel/landscape photography with the opportunity to dabble a little more into lifestyle/portrait photography. Although I have said in past, that it was not my forte and I didn’t desire for it to be, I admit…I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m quite sure my enjoyment was due to my subjects. They were so much fun and allowed me to get creative – allowed me to do what my motto is, “Creating art through photography.” I had a blast with both families and it sparked something inside of me.


The spark was lit to possibly learn and do more in the area of lifestyle photography. I’ve always said I wanted to learn and master all forms of photography and I think that is evident in my gallery. A special friend mentioned to me this year how she is able to identify many of our friends’ styles of photography. Then she said, “…but you, I still can’t grasp. You are very versatile…and wear many hats.” That says it all! It’s true, I admit. I still have not quite found my style or determined what I enjoy most. I enjoy it all, so I guess THAT is my style. I guess perhaps it is time for me to pick up another hat – the lifestyle photographer hat. Maybe I’ll try it on for size in 2014 and wear it a little while. I have a lot to learn and will need much practice. It will be fun (with the right subjects,) I know!

Speaking of learning and practice, I have a feeling that is exactly what I will be doing a good bit of the first of the new year. Why?

Because my Santa Baby left something under the tree, for me. And no, it was not a ring. Something better than that! A promissory note of a gift to come a few days later. It is something I have wanted for one year and 4 months, to be exact. Since the first announcement I saw that it was going to be released.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 10.11.19 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.23.03 PM


A Canon 6d, full frame camera with the 24-105 f.4 L lens!

That leads me to wrap up this post.

That leads me to share those Three Wonderful Words…



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