Amish Out the Driver’s Window

Driving through Seymour, Missouri the last few days, we captured a lot of the Amish country of Webster County.

Most of the photographs I took were shot out my driver’s window. 

Here are a few of those photos…



8 thoughts on “Amish Out the Driver’s Window

  1. I sure enjoyed your photos! The Amish have fascinated me for the last twenty years; and I have visited and photographed New York State Amish settlements over the years.

    Tom The Back roads Traveller


    1. Thank you Tom for the kind words! I also have loved the Amish for many, many years starting as a child visiting my grandmother in Pennsylvania. I have to say I think the Lancaster Co Amish have to be my favorite. Thank you for stopping by!


    1. Hi Jodie! They are all over the area from Diggins on to Seymour on both sides of 60. I found more farms this year than any years past and there are several schools in the area as well. If you go just off the highway in either direction, you won’t be able to miss them. Have a blast and happy trails! (And thank you for the compliment!)


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