A Kiss on the Cheek from God: The Ozarks of Missouri

Such a perfect place at such a perfect time!

Every October, Sweet Hubby works a special meeting in Branson. Most years I travel with him, although I have missed a few. It gives me the opportunity to photograph the beauty of the area as well as spend time with him, even if only for a little while.

It’s such a perfect scenario. I spend the days driving the country roads surrounded by the colors of fall. It’s a special time of fellowship with my God in the midst of His beautiful creation. In the evenings I usually fire up my computer, watch and listen to the Word that is being preached in the meeting Sweet Hubby is working just down the hall.

My in-laws happen to be in town this year, at the same time we are here for the meeting. We had a wonderful few days with them before Sweet Hubby had to report for work.  Yesterday, I “kidnapped” my brother-in-law to take him driving with me through the Ozarks of Missouri. We had a full day of fall colors, Amish, country roads, old barns in ruins and a mill.

The mill we explored is one that I’ve been to a couple of times before. It’s the old Hodgson Mill. You know…the one you see on the packages of flour, bread mixes, pastas and more. Products made by Hodgson Mill are no longer ground at the old mill, but it still stands in all its red beauty as you can see below. (For history on the mill, read this.)

I love this time of year. I am blessed with the opportunity to be in this beautiful place during this time.

Yes, this trip is like a kiss on my cheek from God.

DSR_20131022Ozarks with Kirk194-Edit-2


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