Slump, Stumped and Need Your Help!

I’ve been somewhat in a photographic slump the last month or so, as you can tell from my lack of posts. 

Last weekend helped me to recover from that slump. It was the 6th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk and the small town of choice for our group was Cisco, Texas. Cisco is known for a few things, one of which has to do with Conrad Hilton and another with Santa Claus.

After the walk, we have to select one image to submit for the photo contest.

I’m stumped! None of my photos have JUMPED out at me as being the winning image.

This is where I need your help!

I’ve asked a few friends to help me narrow it down, and they did just that. Out of the fourteen originally posted, these are the top four selections.

Now I need help selecting the final image. 

Will you PLEASE consider choosing ONE in the poll below?


To help me out?

THANK YOU! I knew you would say yes.

Please view the following four images and select ONE in the poll below as the one that is your favorite:






Comments make me happy!

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