Doppelgangers in the Rocks

On our summer trip to Big Bend National Park, we had the opportunity to view a few interesting rock formations.

This first one is called  Balanced Rock and it is pretty easy to see why. This formation was only visible once we made it to the top. If it had been visible from any other place I am certain I would not have climbed the steep incline in 100 plus degree temperatures. But in order to get this photo, I HAD to walk in extreme heat on an inclined sand path in the midst of large boulders where I could feel the mountain lions watching us. Then once we were a quarter of a mile away, had to make a steep climb up rocks to finally arrive at a place where the large balanced boulder could be viewed. This image does not allow you to get a true perspective. To help you imagine, my 6’3″ hubby could stand under the opening quite easily with the large balancing rock overhead.

The next image is of what is known as Mule Ears Peaks. Again, I think you will see where it gets its name…

After we left Big Bend National Park and headed north on Highway 67 out of Presidio towards Marfa, we encountered two more formations that caught my eye. This one is called Elephant Rock. Do you see it?

Last, but not least we saw a small road sign that said, “Profile of Lincoln” with an arrow pointing across the highway. I looked over and grabbed this shot as we were flying down the road. I see it, do you?



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