Reality Has Hit! And it’s OK



Yes, 24 is the age I have been for the last many years. It runs in my family…my dad is still 36 and has been for more than 36 years.

And I will continue to be 24. That is the age that I feel (most days) and I confess that, “my youth is renewed like the eagles.” Ps 103:5

Lately as I look in the mirror, I see something that has started to make me question my age. I see a reflection that doesn’t scream 24.

And then it happened!

I did the math. (I seriously have to count out on my fingers to calculate my actual birth age because I’ve said for so many years that I’m 24 years old.)

The math said something that I’ve not looked forward to for at least 24 years. I don’t know why I’ve not looked forward to it. Perhaps because it seemed so far away.

The math says this December I will be 50!


Yes, the big 5-0! How can that be????

But you know, reality has hit. And it’s OK.


Because I’m only 24. Always will be. Period!

To celebrate, my Sweet Hubby is taking me to fulfill a lifelong dream (and that dream will REALLY date me…)

He’s taking me on the day before my actual birthday to FINALLY see Donny Osmond live and in person!


I’m SO excited!!!



(Now, if only I could also get a Canon 6d out of it too, it would really make turning 50 sweet. But I won’t push it. Ha!)

I have a feeling it’s going to be a wonderful and blessed next 1/2 century for me. (Ouch – that stung just a little.)







Like I said…reality has hit!

And it’s OK! 



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