My LITTLE Guys at Santa Elena Canyon

What a wonderful time of making memories!

That’s what our family vacation consisted of last month. With Son being at home for the summer between graduating and grad school, Sweet Hubby and I decided to return to a place we had visited 24 years earlier. We have such vivid memories of our trip when Son was 4, that we knew this was the place to go on our vacation.

So to Big Bend National Park we headed! We returned to all of the places we had been 24 years ago, plus a few others.

One of the places we knew we had to revisit was Santa Elena Canyon. We found the overlook and memories flashed back in all three of our minds. We even recreated a photo that we have of Son and Sweet Hubby all those years ago.

After leaving the overlook, we drove a little further and found a short trail that took us right to the river and the entrance of the canyon. We walked in the 100 plus degree temperatures to the river’s edge and as we did, of course I had my camera, snapping all the way.

The two photos below are a couple of my favorites. They allow you to see the vastness of the walls as well as my guys. My little guys at Santa Elena Canyon.


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