Valentine, Oh Valentine

That is my name. Well, maiden name anyway. For almost half of my life I was known as Debbi Valentine.  (To some reconnects thanks to FaceBook, that is still who I am – you know who you are and  you know if you check your phone’s contact info for me right now, you have me listed as Debbi Valentine, not Robertson.)

In addition to photography, I also enjoy digging into my family’s past by the study of genealogy. I have traces way, way, way, WAY back to the German Valentines. I have several generations in that lineage of pastors, reverends, “godly men” as some notations state in the earliest years. I wear that name proudly.

So, it only makes sense that when so close to Valentine, Texas that I would make sure to visit. It was only a little out of our way,  but worth it.

Here are a few pictures from Valentine, Texas:

On the road to Valentine, Texas.

Population 217. SaaaaaLuuuute!

Not sure what it was, but it was established in 1907.

Valentine Cemetery. Based on some of the other photos, looks like the entire town is dead.

Someone’s home at one time.

What’s left of another home.


The Valentine Fire Department.

Valentine Community Church. Now THAT will brighten up that town!

Valentine Post Office (A VERY busy place on February 14th!)

Prada. Complete with shoes and bags.

I realize that it says Marfa under the name, but the reality is Valentine is just so small and Marfa is the next “large” town closest to this work of art. (Sorry to disappoint. No, this not a real store, but a work of art. Interesting, huh?) However, that being said, it is on the other side of Valentine from Marfa and only a mile or two if that.

I loved Valentine, Texas. No, there isn’t much there and I did not show you the “down town” section which was pretty much completely abandoned – yet I found the place so interesting. There are some roads (dirt roads) that have homes being lived in. I did not want to take pictures of those out of respect for them. And there were many more homes that are abandoned and run down. They also had a beautiful new school that would outdo others in larger towns that I’ve seen.

The fascination of it to me is the history. You could almost feel the old west history. (And did you know that Valentine was used in the old western move Giant? It was the hispanic village in the movie.)

Would I go back? Yes, for sure! But when it is cooler and I had time to get out and walk the dirt roads. After all, it’s a part of me.


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