I’ve Been Reflecting Lately

I’ve been reflecting lately. I’ve been planning lately. I’ve been busy lately. I’ve not gone anywhere lately.

I don’t know about you, but to me the above statements seem to be all over the place and wouldn’t make a lot of sense to anyone but me. Let me see if I can explain:

First, I’ve been reflecting lately. I’ve been reflecting on the reasons I started blogging years ago. I’ve also been reflecting on how my blogging experience changed dramatically in the year 2011 when WordPress offered a challenge to publish a post a day…every day. I like challenges (some, anyway) and so I decided to jump on the band wagon.  I’ll come back to this in a bit.

I’ve been planning lately. I’ve been planning our summer for the last few months and therefore haven’t been posting as regularly as I had before. With Son having graduated from UT at Austin, moving home for the summer and then moving to Chicago this coming fall, I seem to be constantly in a stage of planning. Right now, I’m planning a short vacation to the Big Bend National Park for Son, Sweet Hubby and myself that is approaching very quickly. We haven’t visited the far southwest tip of Texas since Son was about four – that  calculates to 24 years ago. When we asked him where he’d like to go as a family trip this summer, that is the place he requested. I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve not been in that type of terrain since the Shutter Bug bit me four years ago. 

So, in addition to the fact I’ve been planning lately, I’ve been busy lately with all the details of those plans. I’ve also not been anywhere lately as a result. 

Now, let’s get back to the “I’ve been reflecting” topic:

As I mentioned above, I’ve been reflecting on the reasons I started blogging in the first place. When I started my first blog, No More Weighting, it was to encourage others with the same struggles that I experience in the area of weight. I found that I was not alone and was able to help others due to having learned a great deal about the topic over the years. It was a weekly post that I did called Thought for the Week, you will find those early posts here.

As time went on, I continued to post the weekly thought, however I added another blog that was geared towards my new-found hobby and passion, photography. I decided to share my experiences as I was learning and growing in the field and although very few ever read it but me, that was just fine. I also discovered that I enjoyed sharing (to myself – ha!) and as one who had journaled in past, figured this was a great way to keep a log of what was going on in our lives and as a diary, so to speak, that could be used in the future for my grandkids (one day when I have some – I HOPE to have some) and then great-grandkids and so on. Genealogy is another hobby of mine and knowing how excited I get when I read my great-grandmother’s diary that she wrote in the 1950s that reflected her life’s experiences from the late 1800’s, I figured that perhaps one day, someone would be interested in my musings from my adults years. So I had the Thought for the Week blog, the photography blog and a life’s journey blog.

This led to too many blogs to keep up with. So I decided to consolidate all of them into one. That initial blog was named after something that meant a lot to me, a name that had personal meaning and spoke of who I am. I have for years said I am 24 because that is how I feel (even though this December I will have been 24 for 26 years.) Two years ago, that blog name (which had to do with my being forever 24, at least in my heart) was ripped from me due to someone else who had a very similar name and had a little too much hunger for power. Not being very kind about it, she accused me of stealing from her and copying her. (Believe me! The things she posted I would NEVER want to copy. As a matter of fact, after seeing some of what she blogged about, I decided it was in my best interest to give up the name as I wanted nothing remotely to do with her and her posts – I DID NOT want anyone to ever get us confused.)

That is when Photos and Facets was born. Honestly, I think for me it is the absolute perfect name. Most of my posts are in regard to photos yet I also feel the freedom to share about all of the other facets of my life. The number one reason for this blog is still the same…as a way to keep a record of my experiences in life. I am free to share what I want, when I want. I can share my love for the Lord, my day-to-day silliness, whatever I want. And if no one else reads it, that is OK. However, I also realize I am not the only one who reads it. I actually have others…YOU…who also read. I’ve gained a few “followers” over the last few years and although not many reply or comment, when I have someone who does, it truly blesses me. The fact that you would take your precious time to read my posts (often filled with overlooked typos and poor grammar) is more of a gift to me than I could ever give back to you. I sincerely mean it when I say, “Thank you!”

I mentioned the WordPress challenge in 2011 and have to admit, that is when my follower base grew. I didn’t commit to the post-a-day challenge for that reason, but it was definitely the result. I was posting SOMETHING every day! At the end of the year, I had over 365 posts for the year and continued to post a day for the beginning of the next year. Then something happened. I got lazy in my posting. I went from a post a day, to a post every few days, to a post a week, to now which is sometimes a post every other week or so. As a result my followers are not as vocal, some have left and I sometimes feel as if I have to think too hard about the posts I do make. 

It is a busy time and in my reflecting I’ve decided that I’m going back to the beginning and the initial reason I started blogging to begin with: for myself. For a record of what is going on in my life. To share my learnings and experiences. I am even contemplating doing my own post-a-day challenge for 2014. For now, I will continue to plan. And although I haven’t been any place lately to post pics of new and exciting things, I have high hopes that I will have some new experiences to share soon. Our up and coming family vacation will be a wonderful time of creating memories with my guys and experimenting with my camera as we head west. I plan on trying out some night photography (one of the areas I’ve had on my list, yet haven’t attempted yet) and hope to have some fun experiences to share.  I hope that you will enjoy them, too.

Yep, as you can tell…

I’ve been reflecting lately!


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