Ellis County Farm – What Exactly Is/Was It?

I can’t answer that question…at least yet. 

From what I’ve gathered so far, it at one time was a farm that prisoners worked to provide for their own food. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. Honestly, I haven’t spent much time on it, so if you are reading this and can shed some light, please share.

The old abandoned building that sits on the property appears to have been some type of office building at one time. I’ve seen others post photos of it claiming it was a prison, but from what I can tell (and based on some other information I’ve found) I don’t believe that to be true. Regardless, it is quite interesting to me!

The recent renovations of the property houses the large sign as seen below, the abandoned building, a gated drive and a large parking lot full of law enforcement vehicles as well as a couple of other newer buildings.

Again, any information anyone else can share, please do.

For now, here is what I know as the Ellis County Farm…


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