Sunflower Drama

Yesterday was a day of surprises and drama! 

About four years ago I learned of the Ennis Bluebonnets and the abundance of blooms in one particular area – and one that is not too terribly far away. Ennis is about an hour and a half southeast of where we reside and the fields are covered with gorgeous blues in April and May.

Well, lo and behold, yesterday I learned something else I hadn’t known. Just as Ennis is abundant with Bluebonnets in the spring, Waxahachie is with sunflowers in the summer. I had no idea! I’m talking fields and fields AND FIELDS of gorgeous sunflowers.

The following photos are ones representing the drama I felt yesterday in discovering such abundant beauty while hunting for fields with two of my photog-friends. I shot these images bracketed in three different exposures in order to create HDR images. However, there was a good breeze blowing and although it felt refreshing when in the heat of the day, it was not helpful in creating a crisp merged image.

So what’s a girl to do? Create pseudo-HDR images! I did this by creating two virtual copies of the properly exposed image, adjust the two copies’ exposures and then merging them using Photomatix Pro.

The result is a little sunflower drama!



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