Photographic Phase Paralyzation

That title sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But it’s really not. It speaks to where I’m at – at this moment.

You see, I go through phases in my photography. Phases of learning, experimenting, interests, etc. Sometimes I am in my phase of shooting and processing with a realistic look to my images – more natural. Other times I’m in my artistic phase – where I want things to look painterly and dramatic. Then, there are the times I go through a phase of processing using textures – again giving a painterly, artsy look. And let’s not forget my HDR phase – shooting bracketed images in different exposures and merging together to bring out both the highs and lows in exposures for more detail.

Even when in my HDR phase I find it can be broken into two different for me – either over-the-top to create an over-processed finished look or a more natural, yet detailed look.

Right now I’m somewhat in between. Not sure what phase I’m in.

Guess you could say I’m experiencing a photographic phase paralyzation! 

The images below are a few of the most recent that were taken at the McKinney Falls State Park in Austin. These were all shot in bracketed captures and merged either using PS’s HDR Merging ability or using Photomatix Pro. Either way I decided to focus more on creating more natural, detailed images. These were all taken in the late afternoon on a bright day and in areas with deep shadows. 


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